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UOB's approach to Sanctions Compliance
We are committed to complying with all applicable sanctions requirements. Please refer to Sanctions Notice appearing at our public websites.  

     IMPORTANT NOTICE: Discontinuation of BIB Maintenance Support

Dear Valued Customers,

We are glad to share that most of our customers have moved to BIBPlus and are currently enjoying the additional features it has to offer.

As such, effective 10 September 2019, we will not process any maintenance requests for BIB.

For existing inactive BIB customers, your access will be terminated. Please proceed to enrol for BIBPlus so that you may enjoy the services offered.

Thank you for your support during the migration exercise. We are working to continuously enhance BIBPlus for you.  

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Security Alert
Please beware of fraudulent emails and web sites purporting to be from banks that request recipients to "update or validate" their sensitive log in, account information and personal details. These emails and web sites may use false email addresses, logos and graphics to mislead customers into accepting their validity or may use fake domain names so as to appear genuine. Fraudsters use the collected information for financial gain or identity theft. This is known as 'phishing'. We therefore urge you to read and observe our recommended safe online banking practices.
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